Najwa Nimri, star of ‘La Casa de Papel’, raised the trend in a 2-piece swimsuit

Najwa Nimri, the acclaimed actress recognized for her role as Zulema in the hit series ‘La Casa de Papel’, has caused a sensation on social media by elevating the two-piece swimsuit trend. Her recent Instagram post of her, where she is sporting a dazzling burgundy swimsuit, has left her followers speechless and has redefined beauty standards.

What makes this feat even more amazing is that Najwa Nimri is challenging industry stereotypes by showing off her spectacular figure in instagram after turning 50 years old. Her confidence and style in a two-piece swimsuit have inspired women of all ages to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin.

Najwa Nimri. Source: Instagram @najwanimri

But the revolution of Najwa Nimri It doesn’t stop at Instagram. Through her Twitter account, the actress has surprised her followers with an intriguing statement about her future plans. Although it is not clear whether this is a marketing strategy or a joking confession, her words have generated a great stir and expectations.

At the moment, Najwa Nimri is immersed in a new project, the second season of ’30 Coins’, an HBO Max series in which she works alongside renowned director Álex de la Iglesia. Her versatility as an actress continues to stand out in the entertainment industry.

Najwa Nimri. Source: Instagram @najwanimri

With more than five million followers on Instagram, Najwa Nimri continues to showcase her unique beauty and style. Through provocative photos taken by the pool and posing in front of the mirror, this talented actress shows that age is not an impediment to wearing a swimsuit with style and confidence. At 51 years old, Najwa Nimri continues to be a source of inspiration and empowerment for women of all ages.