Named ticket for entry to the Colosseum, Meritocracy Italy: “Replicate at other sites”

The nominative ticket can be purchased online, via call centers and at physical ticket offices

The Ministry of Culture and the Colosseum Archaeological Park take a significant step forward in the management of Italy’s cultural heritage. The Colosseum, a timeless symbol of Rome’s greatness, has faced over the years the phenomenon of speculative practices that undermine its status as a world heritage site. From 18 October 2023, the nominative ticket was introduced for all entry categories in order to combat ticket touting. The nominative ticket will be purchasable online, through call centers and at physical ticket offices. Opening hours are also extended.

The new system allows visitors to plan their visit in advance, reducing congestion and waiting at the ticket office. More efficient queue management and visitor flow control also help reduce the environmental impact linked to traffic around the sites . The new measures will ensure that every visitor can fully enjoy the extraordinary historical experience, while preserving the integrity of the site.

Meritocracy Italia proposes to replicate the initiative in many other archaeological sites in Italy, “not only to improve the visitor experience, but to reduce the risk of theft and guarantee safety in historical and tourist sites. In particular, it requests the allocation of a pre-sales fund to be used in collaboration with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport to also improve road safety and means of transport for the benefit of the quality standards of the tourist experience in Italy. An intelligent tourism development plan is essential to the objective of stimulating tourism, creating new jobs, strengthening road safety and reducing the tax burden on citizens for road maintenance”.