Nancy Brilli: “Enough pin-up roles, I’m 60” – Video

The actress’ outburst on ‘BellaMa’. And about the past she reveals: “When I was young I self-harmed, I hurt myself”

“Possibly at 60 they offer you the role of an old pin-up“? This is the outburst of Nancy Brilli, guest today, December 5, of Pierluigi Diaco on ‘BellaMa” on Rai2.

“I was asked very often – says the actress – to live up to my name: Brilliant-brilliant, all bubbly. Nancy Brilli looks like a sequin title. Always being bright, tending towards superficiality, this is the role assigned to me. AND frankly I’m tiredso I learned to say a lot of ‘no’, perhaps even too many, because then at a certain point by saying ‘no’ one puts on a handbrake.”

The actress, then, answering questions from the cast of the program (made up of 25 young people from generation Z and 25 boomers), declared: “When I was young I had moments in which I lost myself, luckily I didn’t fall into drugs and in alcohol, but I was a self-harm, I hurt myself. If I had had an adult close to me it would certainly have been better.”