Nané, after L’Ultimo ti amo comes a playlist of emotionally tumultuous songs

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Being the object of love and attention in a romantic relationship is something absolutely normal. Even more so in an early stage of courtship. But is this attitude always genuine and without ulterior motives? Unfortunately not. Being victims of Love Bombing means being literally bombarded with love, gestures and attentions, however, suitable for our manipulation. We submit to the gift of love believing we are special, when in reality we are just food for a narcissist.

1. Cruella – Marracash

I chose this song because I lived a toxic story, I loved a person so much that I canceled myself and the more it hurt me, the more I apologized to him. I felt “mine” these words: “they taught me to hate my enemies but I had never loved one …”.

2. No love songs – Elodie

“There will always be a little bit of you in me”. This sentence is engraved inside me, I will always be linked to this person, forgetting is not always so easy, there are experiences that allow you to grow and to remember who you deserve by your side.

3. I miss you – Paky

“And I still can’t figure out why we broke up”, I mulled for a long time about why we were apart, when I realized I was better off without him, I was reborn.

4. Stupid – Maximum Danger
“I look at myself and think: you are stupid”, I was believing I could become another person and believing I could change him, I wasted energy for those who didn’t really love me.

5. Come back to me – Luchè

“Come back to me”, I cried hysterically every day, I couldn’t get out of bed, I didn’t want to do anything, I just thought: “I’m suffering and I didn’t understand what I did”. I sang this song for a while, hoping to recover.

6. Dead flowers – Psychologists

“What are you doing in my dreams so that you do not remain in the memories”, there are nights where I wake up disturbed, I have feelings that I can not get away and this sentence reflects my thoughts.

7. Twenty-three – Merlot

“Fuck you bitch, I want to play football with your heart, I want to make you feel my pain”, I was confused and angry, I didn’t feel enough. I didn’t understand how all the love she showed was over in a second. It was like that every day.

8. I lost you – Hernia

“I cry for my open wounds, even if you come back some nights, I make a sad song that cries for me”, I was in the period full of blame, I blamed myself that I didn’t have and I was convinced that I had lost a beautiful person, over time I realized that it was he who lost me and not the other way around.

9. That picture of the two of us – Emis Killa

“You can’t understand what I feel, the sensations when I am close to you, when I wake up in the early morning”, I felt a certain calm before the storm. In the morning everything was apparently perfect, but then that hurt and distressed part wakes up too. I felt like that.

10. This stupid love song of ours – Thegiornalisti

“After three gins, what should I do? I don’t want to start over, I don’t want to feel bad “, I thought I would write to him every day after the end of our story, but I always repeated these phrases, it was not worth the worth getting hurt.