Naomi, Cindy, Claudia and the other super models together on the cover of Vanity Fair

From printed paper to streaming TV, from social media to catwalks and, again, in newspapers, those who made them famous and who now celebrate them as immortal.
The supermodels they are back practically everywhere and Vanity Fair celebrate their return with a special issue which comes out these days, to remain on newsstands until October 3rd, with the same contents in Italy, Spain and France. Protagonists of the long cover story, which discusses the myth of beauty by means of cover girl truly exceptionalClaudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Christy TurlingtonEva Herzigova, Carla Bruni but also Iman, Lauren Hutton, TwiggyPeneope Tree, the first women who highlighted themselves on the catwalks and in magazines, forever marking the world of fashion.

Supermodels and reflection on beauty

“What will remain of the great supermodels?”, this is the question posed on the cover of Vanity Faira collector’s issue that can easily be classified as a “definitive portfolio” as well as a magazine-sized essay, on the topic of beauty and the beautiful women of the catwalk.
If it is practically superfluous to explain once again the extent of the impact of supermodels on the world of fashion and culture in general, it is important to ask ourselves, in light of the reflections of the 1910s on bodies and diversityif it makes sense to still give these women the power to define one beauty standards concretely unattainable.
Enemies of women or deities to admire? Vanity Fair, with Director Simone Marchetti in the lead, has no interest in further fueling an already highly polarized debate. AND time to make peace with the concept of beauty that top models and supermodels have conveyed over the years.
These women, beautiful, of course, but also a symbol of power and emancipationthey are still tutelary deities for the female gender and beyond.
With their stories and their still extraordinary physical appearance, as proven by the images previewed online, they are capable of freeing our minds from judgments towards bodies that are not like theirs. “Beauty is freedom”, writes Marchetti, who goes on to quote Katie Sturino when she states that the body of others (and women) has nothing to do with ours. Simple words capable of making a real revolution.

The protagonists of the special issue

Among the protagonists of the photographic part of issue forty of Vanity Fair Italy 2023 season, we find (dressed by the best of world fashion, from Dolce & Gabbana to Ferragamo, Versace, Maison Valentino and others) the “Big Five”, Naomi, Claudia, Christie, Cindy, without Linda (Evangelista) who is present in the docuseries The Super Models broadcast these days on Apple TV+, plus other greats of twentieth century fashion, all shot by the duo of photographers Luigi & Iango who for months chased them around the world from New York to Milan to have them in front of the camera.
Among others there are also Milla JovovicStephanie Seymour, Carolyn Murphy, Helena ChristensenPat Cleveland, Carla Brunieach with their own profile, portrayed in splendid black and white.