Leipzig wants to take Elmas from Naples. The Macedonian midfielder born in 1999 currently has a contract expiring in 2025 and does not seem willing to renew it. The proposal of the German club is tempting to say the least: 30 million euros on the plate. For now, the Azzurri have rejected the offer, but the question remains about the player’s future.

Without renewal, next summer Elmas could say goodbye to Napoli. At that point, the risk of losing it at no cost a year later was too high. Unless the idea of ​​a sale in the last days of August is really taken into consideration.

Situation to monitor: today Elmas is not a starter with Garcia, but due to its quality and flexibility it can be useful in various roles and, therefore, also in Fantasy football in terms of playing time. A joker, for Napoli and the fantasy coaches. But, even more so after the sirens from the Bundesliga, how long can this scenario last?

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