Naples, carabinieri save 9-year-old girl from suffocation

The rush to hospital, then the good news, ‘strong emotion when he hugged his father again’

“That two minute ride to the hospital felt like an eternity.” Marshal Samuele Repossi and Carabiniere Pietro Bruno thus describe what happened yesterday afternoon around 2pm at Ponte di Casanova, a stone’s throw from Piazza Nazionale in Naples. Attracted by a crowd near a school bus of the “wonders” school in the Arenaccia district, the police found a 9-year-old girl who risked choking to death on a piece of candy. In moments of excitement, while waiting for an ambulance that was slow to arrive, the two carabinieri decided to load the little girl onto the Gazelle and run towards the nearest hospital.

“By now her face was pale, she was no longer breathing” they say. Even the attempt at a Heimlich maneuver was in vain. The “Santissima Annunziata” hospital is a couple of kilometers from the scene of the events, the race seems endless. But the soldiers finally manage to get to the emergency room and entrust her little girl to the care of the doctors, who save her life. Meanwhile, the girl’s father also arrives at the hospital, thanks the police and doctors, and hugs both her daughter again. “It was a strong emotion to see that embrace” say the two policemen. The little girl, after initial treatment, was entrusted to her father. She is fine but will still have to carry out further tests.