Naples, Osimhen and Rudi Garcia: the hot eve towards Verona

The club denies tensions with the Nigerian, the coach lets off steam in the press conference

Napoli in fibrillation before the match against Verona. Coach Rudi Garcia did not like the treatment he received from some media after the defeat against Fiorentina, with rumors of dismissal and rumors about other coaches being contacted, Antonio Conte first and foremost. In the last few hours, then, the news on the relationship between the club and Victor Osimhen, who among other things was out due to injury, did not help.

“We have read the forced reconstructions of President De Laurentiis’ words regarding the Osimhen issue. Better to clarify. President De Laurentiis did not say anything negative towards Victor, only that after a long negotiation, culminating with a handshake which sanctioned the desire to continue the relationship, Victor had second thoughts”, explains Napoli on their website, returning to the president’s words and the renewal which has not yet materialised.

“The hope of President De Laurentiis is that it is just a pause for reflection – underlines the blue club -. In the coming weeks, also thanks to the fact that Victor will have to remain out of action for rehabilitation, De Laurentiis, Osimhen and his agent Roberto Calenda will meet to talk about the future, in the utmost serenity. Reading that there is frost between Osimhen and Napoli is totally out of place.”

Rudi Garcia and the pebbles in his shoes

“I am serene and calm. To say that I didn’t appreciate the post-Fiorentina period is an understatement, there was a lack of respect towards me”, says Garcia in the conference. “But I want to thank the journalists who supported me and the fans who encouraged me. I found the post-match after Fiorentina very exaggerated, I found everything very disproportionate. I wasn’t happy, but what matters is my relationship with the team, with the staff, with the managers. Immediately after the match against Fiorentina, the support of my managers arrived and even more specifically yesterday that of my president”, he adds on the eve of the match against Verona.

“The fans who encouraged me told me not to give up, not to listen, not to read. So I thank them. Even from the press the criticism is intended to be constructive, but not from all of you. There was something exaggerated. Now I know who my friends and my enemies are,” he says.