Naples, Osimhen operated: stop for 3 months

The attacker out for 90 days after the fractured face reported against Inter

Napoli loses Victor Osimhen for 3 months. The Nigerian forward was operated on today after the fracture to his face sustained in Sunday’s match against Inter. “Victor Osimhen was operated on this morning by Prof. Tartaro, assisted by Dr. Mario Santagata and in the presence of Dr. Canonico, for an operation to reduce and contain the multi-fragmentary and displaced fractures of the malar bone, of the arch and of the pommel. zygomatic, of the floor and lateral wall of the orbit, and of the diastasis of the fronto-zygomatic suture. The synthesis of the bone abutments was done with titanium plates and screws. The player is fine and will remain under observation for a few days. The prognosis it is estimated in about 90 days “, explains Napoli from its website.

“We will take charge of and we will make up for the lack of these great players”, says coach Luciano Spalletti, presenting the Europa League match in Moscow against Spartak. In addition to Osimhen and Anguissa, Insigne also out. The striker “has undergone therapies and differentiated in the gym and will not take part in the trip to Moscow due to an overload tendinopathy in his right knee”, reports the club.

“Difficulties help normal people to become wonderful people or have an extraordinary destiny. I was expecting these first strokes of difficulty, we knew that everything could not go well, that there would be times when some players were not available. having a squad of this level, especially in the offensive department, was precisely to overcome these situations “, says Spalletti