Naples, the ‘joke’ in the ambulance: “A Juve fan is sick…” – Video

The report of the association Hands off Hippocrates

“A Juventus fan is not feeling well”. It is the ‘joke’ that a tiktoker in Naples has seen fit to do for ‘goliardia’. “After the ambulance used to inaugurate a clothing store, we thought (or hoped) that people had come to their senses and had learned their lesson. Unfortunately, nothing to do. Today it’s the turn of a famous Neapolitan tik toker who out of pure goliardic spirit goes to alert an ambulance engaged in another rescue operation per person”, reports the association Nobody touches Hippocrates, posting the video of the tik toker who had published it 2 days ago on his profile. “A Juventus player doesn’t feel well”, the boy says several times to the health workers as they provide aid.

After the ambulance used by a group of tik tokers for the inauguration of a shop a few weeks ago, also in Naples, “in this case we can speak of an alarm as the subject went to alert an emergency vehicle as a joke Naturally the crew, being engaged in other rescue and having understood the goliardic purpose, invited him to call 118. Remove tik tok from certain people!”, the association says.