Naples, they try to steal his scooter and shoot him – Video

A 32-year-old engineer resists an attempted robbery

They try to rob him, fail to snatch his scooter and shoot him in the legs. It is the video, published on Facebook by the deputy Francesco Emilio Borrelli, which documents the attempted robbery in Naples on the evening of 29 March.

“They sent us the video of the robbery that ended in blood a few days ago in San Giovanni a Teduccio. In the late evening of March 29, a 32-year-old man was shot and wounded, and is now hospitalized. The images show clearly as the man was stopped to refuel, in via Reggia di Portici, when he is joined and flanked by two men with distorted faces riding another moped “, writes the parliamentarian.

“The two try to steal his scooter, they threaten him with a gun, they push him, they try to take away his keys. One of them got on the scooter and tried to unseat him, all while the petrol pump was still dispensing fuel. The victim did not want to give in, and in the end the criminals surrendered and, before leaving, however, shot him in the legs. The man was then rescued and transported to the hospital of the Sea. I guess shocking, absurd. You shoot in the public street, in front of other people, without the slightest fear of consequences and without intending to kill. You shoot for nothing, with unheard-of malice, a sign of a violent drift that does not seem to have a brake. We hope that these two criminals are identified and arrested as soon as possible”, adds Borrelli.