Napoli-Atalanta 2-3, Azzurri ko and Milan are first

The people from Bergamo win at Maradona. Rossoneri at the top ahead of Inter, Napoli third and the Goddess is 4 points from the top

Napoli is defeated at home by Atalanta, who goes 3-2 on the pitch of the Maradona stadium. The Azzurri lose the lead in the standings, remain at 36 points and slide to third place behind Milan – leaders at 38 – and Inter, now second with 37 points. In a very open championship, Atalanta rises to 34 points and signs up for the championship race. The Bergamo players conquer a very precious victory at the end of a spectacular match.

Gasperini’s team broke the deadlock in the 7th minute. Zapata breaks through on the left wing and offers the ball to Malinovskyi, who sends the ball to the intersection from the edge of the area: 0-1. Napoli, with a team that has been extensively altered due to injuries and suspensions, takes the blow and gets up again. The maneuver of the Azzurri, observed in the stands by the disqualified Spalletti coach, becomes progressively more fluid. Atalanta closes and tries to sting with very dangerous restarts. The match is vibrant and returns to balance in the 40th minute. Malcuit accelerates to the right and crosses, Mertens invents a splendid side for Zielinski. The first conclusion is rejected by a defender, the second hole the Orobic wall: 1-1.

At the start of the second half, Napoli strikes punishing an ingenuity by Demiral. The Atalanta defender completely misses the application of the offside, Mertens is free to gallop towards Musso’s goal: 2-1 in the 47th minute. The Nerazzurri do not skid, they restart and completely overturn the situation in 5 minutes. At 66 ‘Demiral is forgiven by wearing the clothes of the bomber. The central, in offensive projection, takes the right time on the suggestion of Toloi. Powerful right-footed diagonal, 2-2 in the 66th minute. The Goddess sniffs the chance and sinks the shot in the 71st minute. Ilicic invents, Freuler concludes: surgical left, 2-3 and Atalanta takes a seat at the championship table. Napoli falls at home and in 90 minutes slips from the top to third place.