Napoli-Eintracht, Nino D’Angelo: “An apology is not enough, Germany pays damages to our city”

The singer on yesterday’s clashes: “They took over our house, it’s unacceptable”

they came to Italy to break the ca…
and now they are the ones who have to pay all the damage! The are not enough for us apologies from the Germany”. As Nino D’Angelo at Adnkronos sui

violent clashes

yesterday among the fans of the German soccer team

Eintracht Frankfurt

and those of Naples before and after Champions League match won by Naples.

”As a fan I say that what happened has nothing to do with football. What did Eintracht Frankfurt fans come to do if they knew they couldn’t enter the stadium? – asks the singer – We Neapolitan fans what are we getting into? They they come to my house to break up my city and I have to pay? It is normal that the Neapolitans reacted. If we had done it a Frankfurt we would be ended up on all the front pages of newspapers in the world – he underlines – These shouldn’t have left, if you want to come and protest because they won’t let you into the stadium, do it, but without breaking the windows. What happened is a fact very serious”.

However, D’Angelo admits that ”the guilt it’s ours too. We knew they had to come and we had to be ready – he says – Is it possible that we didn’t know that these people were supposed to arrive? Of course, if thousands of fans arrive from Frankfurt it is not easy to contain them. h
year wanted to be the masters in our house – attacks D’Angelo again – it is unacceptable and
it is a very dangerous precedent because from now on we will have to be careful in all the matches. Once it was just swear words and banners, now we’ve come to the destruction of a city”, he concludes.

(by Alisa Toaff)