Napoli-Juventus, Allegri: “Spalletti is the best”

Tomorrow the big match between the leaders and the bianconeri

“Napoli-Juve is not a crash test. It’s a championship match. We arrive with good results, but so do they. Napoli have 44 points and can score 50. Tomorrow is not a decisive match, but very important for them “. This is how Massimiliano Allegri presents the match that his Juventus will play tomorrow on the field of leaders Napoli on the 18th day of Serie A. “We have to play a game with great technique and great intensity. We play against the strongest team in the championship. The team is doing quite well. We’ve done 3 days of work and we’re in good condition. Let’s see what we’ll be able to do tomorrow night,” said the Juventus coach.

“Napoli’s strong point? The standings say they are the favourites. I think Spalletti is the best at teaching,” he added. “I have great respect for Luciano. I do this job by mistake and I do something else. More important for them? For them it is much more important”, he reiterates. “The returns should be imminent, before Monza it will be difficult for anyone to return for the Coppa Italia match. Someone could return with Atalanta. Cuadrado should be in the group from Tuesday and could perhaps return for Monza, but I have to see why they didn’t training with the team. The others are doing better and we’re confident. How important is Danilo? He’s doing well, just as everyone is doing well. The attitude has changed and we need to continue on this path.”

Then the Juventus coach does not say anything about training. “Can Chiesa start from the first minute? Chiesa is much better, I’m very happy. If I were sure that even tomorrow, with the game underway, I can make the difference, but I don’t have the magic ball. I’ll evaluate the moment, then I’ll decide. If we have to Can we expect a cheer? The opponents haven’t put us in difficulty. We haven’t prepared anything yet. We still have to arrange two or three little things and then I’ll decide, hopefully well, the line-up. Tomorrow will be a great match, an evening of sport and football , in a packed stadium, it won’t be a decisive match for the championship.”

However, there is some regret for the two points against Salernitana. “Those points are gone, it’s useless to think about them. Let’s think ahead, about what we’ve done up to today. Good results, but tomorrow is another match. There’s a rule in football: what you do, the day after it doesn’t matter anymore. We need to work, keep a low profile and continue our growth path. As a team we need to improve many things, as individuals, then we need to reach our final goal of finishing in the first four places. We need to think about what we need to do tomorrow” , added Allegri who, on the fact that Juve lose in the second half, underlined that “if the team improves in the second half, it means that they are physically well. Tomorrow will be a different game because the games never end in Naples. They are a team very strong technically, well organized and well coached”.