Napoli-Lecce 1-1, goals from Elmas and Colombo

Spalletti’s team goes to 8 points with Milan, Lazio and Juventus and behind Rome and Inter, while Lecce rises to 2 points

Napoli brakes against Lecce. Al Maradona ends 1-1 with Colombo responding to Elmas’ goal. With this equal Spalletti’s team goes to 8 points with Milan, Lazio and Juventus and behind Rome and Inter, while Lecce rises to 2 points. Spalletti for the challenge changes several elements but does not give up Osimhen to lead the attack, this time with Raspadori behind him. Politano and Elmas the exteriors. Anguissa and Ndombele in the median. In defense space in Ostigard and Olivera, with Kvaratskhelia and Lozano starting from the bench. The Lecce coach Baroni responds with the attacking trident made up of Colombo, Banda and Di Francesco. Tuia and Baschirotto the central defensive players.

The first opportunity happens to Napoli at 21 ‘with Politano charging the left-handed, but Falcone in diving raises the ball over the crossbar. A minute passes and Lecce could take the lead. The referee awards the penalty for a contact in the area between Di Francesco and Ndombele. Colombo goes to the spot, takes a run-up and converts the penalty, but the referee did not blow the whistle. He repeats himself. Colombo again from the spot but this time Meret senses the corner and intercepts the ball, saving Napoli. At 27 ‘Spalletti’s team took the lead, when a Politano shot became an assist for Elmas, and the number 7 put in the net from a few steps away. Lecce’s reaction, however, was immediate and in the 31st minute they equalized with a feat from outside the box by Colombo who, with a fantastic left foot, pierced Meret and was forgiven for the wrong penalty.

Napoli got off to a good start also in the second half and in the 49th minute on a cross from Politano Elmas still emerged at the far post but Falcone took refuge for a corner. Lecce covers itself up, closes the spaces and limits the blues’ offensives. In the last 20 minutes of the match, however, Napoli accelerated and in the 69th minute Osimhen headed from a few steps away did not find the door. At 71 ‘a left-footed shot by Politano from inside the area touches the post. Lozano also enters and serves Olivera but Falcone punches us. At 80 ‘still Naples in forcing, Di Lorenzo ends on goal but Falcone rejects with his foot. Napoli tries until the end but at 93 ‘Osimhen with his head fails to direct towards the goal and the challenge ends at 1-1.