Napoli, Mazzarri and the TV pearls: the ‘Never say goals’ moments

The coach is close to returning to the bench, memorable videos are popping up on social media

Cavani’s birthday, the rain, the diarrhea. Walter Mazzarri is about to return to the Napoli bench as successor to Rudi Garcia, destined for dismissal. The Tuscan coach returns to the grand tour and on X it’s time to remember. Videos documenting the ‘performances’ of the Tuscan coach in front of the microphones appear, with a series of pearls relating above all to interviews after lackluster performances and results. The repertoire, rewinding the tape, includes statements dating back to the period in which the coach led Reggina. Then we move on to the first ‘Naples era’, between 2009 and 2013. Then documents of the Inter player Mazzarri and the Granata version of the coach.

“Even the journalists were tired”, said a young Mazzarri, highlighting the inconveniences associated with post-match travel. “San Paolo generally helps us start strong. Today there was a particular climate, Cavani’s birthday… a soporific climate…”, the explanation after a bad evening on the Napoli bench. The defeats also have medical explanations. After the “worst match since the beginning of the year”, “the only mitigating factor is that half the team is still affected: 4-5 players had a fever, one even played with diarrhoea…” At Inter, something it also went wrong due to the weather: “There were 10 of us left, we suffered… We are in an emergency, it even started to rain…”.