Napoli Milan, Garcia: “We want to win”

On the argument with Pioli: “Old story”

Today, Saturday 28 October, Napoli coach Rudi Garcia speaks at a press conference on the eve of ‘Maradona’s’ big match against Milan.”We know that we are playing at home against a direct opponent, we have a great desire to win it – He says -. It is only by winning 2-3 games in a row in the league that we will improve the standings.” “This start to the season says that we are strong away from home, but at home we need to improve – adds the French coach -. Milan are strong on the flanks, but we also have strong left and right chains, we’re focusing on our qualities.”

“Discussion with Pioli? Old story”

“Leao is an excellent player but he is not the only one, we also need an anti-Pulisic and anti-Giroud plan. We have to think about Milan as a whole” said Garcia in a press conference on the eve of the match against Milan, coached by Stefano Pioli with which the French coach had an argument during a Rome derby. “That was a different time, with different teams. It’s an old story… He is an excellent coach“, adds Garcia before commenting on some of his team’s statistics. “We are first in possession, shots, corners, then normally the ranking should be better. One thing to improve is that we concede few shots but concede too many goals, but it is also true that we are improving. In Berlin we didn’t have one right away, in Verona there was one too many but we are on the right track.”


We get Anguissa back, but he can’t play ninety minutes. If the match starts he will have to come out, if he doesn’t start he will have the right time for himself and for the team” says the Napoli coach. “In Verona Cajuste was one of the best, it didn’t happen in Berlin but that doesn’t mean he won’t have the my trust. He has it one hundred percent,” adds the French coach.