Napoli-Milan, Pioli: “Let’s play like Sinner and win”

The Rossoneri coach is ready to challenge the leaders

“Milan, do like Sinner”. Stefano Pioli, coach of the Rossoneri expected tomorrow from leaders Naples, invites the Italian champions to follow the example of Jannik Sinner, winner against Carlos Alcaraz, number 1 in world tennis, in the semifinal of the ATP Masters 1000 in Miami.

“If we play for Milan tomorrow we can win,” says Pioli. “During the break I told the boys that nothing has changed: three months after the end of last season nobody believed in us, just like this year nobody believes that we can beat Napoli and that we can finish in the top four. This season it can become glorious or negative. We remember well what we did last year, but now it doesn’t count anymore: we hope to do well in the last 10 of the championship and we hope in the last 5 of the Champions League,” adds Pioli.

“The next two months will be decisive and we can still do a lot”, he adds before moving onto the tennis court: “Sinner played with quality and mentality, all things that are needed to win a great challenge, and they will also be useful for us. The last few two months have been underwhelming in the league, but the team hasn’t forgotten what they have to do.”