Napoli-Milan, Spalletti: “Osimhen is fine”

The Azzurri recover the Nigerian center forward for the second leg of the Champions League quarter-finals

“Osimhen is doing great, he’s done all the training, he’s ready”. The Napoli coach Luciano Spalletti said it to the microphones of Sky Sport, on the eve of the quarter-final of the Champions League against Milan. “He played 20 minutes against Verona on Saturday in which he showed us that he’s healed. He has the esteem of all his teammates who adore him: even if you sometimes club the ball at him, he gives it back to you neat and clean” .

“I’ll only be happy if we manage to get through, any other result will be little consolation,” he said at the press conference. “We started out with a football idea, so we have to find ways to deal with what can happen in the match, such as stopping their counterattacks. They have the bodywork, engine, technique, attention to detail and attention will put us in a position to be more good of them – added Spalletti -. Tomorrow we have to be intense, good at finding space. The team deserves to put in a good performance tomorrow”. The Azzurri coach talks about a possible conclusion on penalties. “We tried to prepare for everyone, there are defections and you have to be good at thinking about them all. Including going to penalties, which were tried as well as the others. We’ll see the list later, but in my opinion the most good ones must beat first”.

“Tomorrow evening is a match between stars, being in it is already something important. We want to go ahead and we will play to win, without making too many calculations but maintaining a balance. Then we will make some evaluations, but we believe we can do more than that that we have done. We have never been to this level, so there is no risk but only obtain infinite happiness”.