Napoli-Monza 0-0, Mazzarri against the referee: “I’m fed up”

The Italian coach: “I’m starting to get tired, 5 games with questionable episodes”

“I’ve changed, I don’t complain anymore”. Walter Mazzarri spoke like this on 27 October at the beginning of his adventure as Napoli coach. Today, after 2 months, at the end of the 0-0 draw at home against Monza, the Azzurri coach blurts out. “With all this technology on the pitch I see things that are inconceivable: now many foul situations have become normal and after five games I’m starting to get tired”, he says to Dazn’s microphones. Napoli, at 28 points, risks losing contact with the Champions League zone.

“We created six scoring opportunities without managing to hit the mark – adds the Tuscan coach -. We don’t need to look at the past, we need to look at today’s match and the many episodes such as the fouls on Kvaratskhelia, the yellow cards missed for them and given to us If these things happen it is normal to lose points. It is a moment in which we are certainly not lucid, see the opportunities of Anguissa, Kvaratskhelia or Gaetano. It’s the fifth match in which there have been questionable refereeing episodes: after a while I’m starting to get tired“.

President Aurelio De Laurentiis, however, apologizes for the disappointing run in the championship. “Everything that has happened so far is solely my responsibility. The blame must not go on the players or coaches, I take on all the responsibility. I must apologize to the Neapolitans and the fans if we are where we are in the standings. But the championship is long and we will move to the market to remedy this”, he says at the press conference. “I don’t feel like boring you with stories, but when I return from the Super Cup in Saudi Arabia, so around January 24-25, I’ll see you on the sea, we’ll all have a nice dinner and I’ll tell you my point of view. Since you have pages to to fill, radio on which to speak, TV where there are many experts, everyone must have their say. But only those who experience the various situations from the inside know the truth. This is what I wanted to tell you”, he adds.

Even De Laurentiis, in the end, turns to refereeing: “Tonight I must also ask Gravina and Rocchi to try to give a sense of fairness, but above all of spectacularity to Italian football, there is no fairness in the distribution of cards – adds De Laurentiis -. But I don’t want to talk about refereeing against Napoli, which also happened, just as there was against many others.” “But dear Rocchi, you cannot allow a referee to throw out both Palladino and Mazzarri – he says, ideally addressing the referee -. This is not football. It seems that he had to use the card at all costs to be respectable. Instead the card it must be distributed fairly. It seems that oxygen isn’t reaching the brain after running so much, so I tell Rocchi that it’s time to make changes, like we do with footballers.”