Napoli-Salernitana 1-1, Scudetto party postponed: fan-police tension

After the intervention of the police, regular outflow

Moments of tension between the police and some fans outside the Maradona stadium at the end of the match between Naples and Salernitana, which finished 1-1. The draw forces the Azzurri to postpone the Scudetto party. Police and carabinieri intervened to keep Neapolitan supporters away from the gates. The fans then flowed out without any particular disturbances.

PARTY POSTPONED – “We have a dream in our hearts. Napoli is back as champion”. But it wasn’t the right day for Naples to celebrate their third championship. We will still have to wait for trophy number ‘three’ after 1987 and 1990, a number that stands out on every street in the Neapolitan capital. Alleys and squares of the historic center have been ready for months to make the party explode, set up in every corner with festoons, maxi flags, cartoons of today’s champions such as Victor Osimhen and Diego Armando Maradona, an absolute legend for Neapolitan fans.

“We did everything by ourselves”, say the residents of the Spanish quarters, “this and more for Napoli, now we will wait. The party has only been postponed”. The fans who hadn’t been at the stadium since this morning invaded the streets and waited crowded in front of the screens of the bars and restaurants, the result. The children with the Osimhen mask, others standing on stools, someone looking out onto the balconies, all staring at the screen. And those who found themselves in the city as tourists joined the processions of fans that went on throughout the day, after long queues to buy scarves and T-shirts. And now the next matchday is awaited in Naples.

Meanwhile, the irony of Salernitana fans is unleashed on social media: “It was Dia’s foot…”, the most popular phrase after the goal with which Boulaye Dia postponed the Scudetto party for the Neapolitans. A tease’ that plays with the title of the famous film by Paolo Sorrentino, ‘It was the hand of God’, dedicated to Diego Maradona and the 1987 and 1990 Napoli championships.