Napoli-Udinese, Spalletti: “It will be a difficult game”

The Neapolitan coach on tomorrow’s challenge: “There is someone who thinks it easy but my players don’t believe it. He stopped all the big names.”

“Udinese? It is a difficult game, not a trap match, it’s just hard. Now it seems that Udinese are second level, but they won 1-0 with Fiorentina, 4-0 with Roma, 3-1 with Inter and Sassuolo, drew with Atalanta and Lazio, also won out at Monza and Verona and there are some who think it’s easy but my players don’t believe it. “So Napoli coach Luciano Spalletti on the eve of the Serie A match against Udinese. “The difficulties are many, we evaluated their chance to restart, when they win back the ball they overturn the actions. If we think that it is the game that allows us to go on vacation it is an amateur thought, but if we think that it allows us to face the break and the hard period that will come then we are professionals. Match to tear apart “.

With Udinese, the final of the first part of the championship before the stop for the World Cup “ends the first cycle, then there will be two more because we are one third of the championship and it will allow us to improve during this stop. Time will have to be used. well, this time will be convenient for me, then there are variants that we do not know, there are statistics to be demonstrated, we will train at our best and together with the top of the club we have tried to plan what we believe is the best possible and we will be able to improve further “.

Thanks to the victory over Empoli and Milan’s draw, Napoli rose to +8 on their pursuers. “It doesn’t change much for us, we do the same things, on a professional level we are interested in those things, we have clear our daily and weekly goal. The match created difficulties for us, but we deservedly won, conducted very well for long stretches. , bypassing as we wanted, Empoli knows how to use all qualities, has young people chosen well, strong, they are good at football, but we took them home and there we immediately think about the one after – added Spalletti -. There are two training after we can develop, we show the salient episodes and we think about Udinese. What happens elsewhere we cannot determine, then if a great draw instead of a victory comes out, it is normal to please us, but it is not about what we are based, but on our football and our characteristics. Then on the speeches, on the episodes, we take a look at it, yes, we see what it is, but our gaze is oriented on our path. 72 points are missing from here to the end. .. what is essential is to train well day after day, here and now “.

“Is there a danger on the horizon? I do not know, the dangers are faced if they arrive, but we do not call them back. We attack everything with the smile of our game, we have only this, we face whatever it is with the speed to move the ball. Serie A is back in my opinion, many teams in battle, many win, the most titled ones are back in front, it will be a close war and we laugh and play at high speed, bringing out what has been done so far “.

Finally on the renewal of AnguissaSpalletti underlines: “When he came out of the manager’s office he came to me, I asked him how he felt and he told me that he will only be totally happy if he wins tomorrow. He was also happy with the contract though and I’m glad. But he put tomorrow’s game first, then the other thing is also important. ” This was said by the Napoli coach Luciano Spalletti speaking on the eve of the match against Udinese about the renewal of midfielder Frank Anguissa.