Nardella: “Cannot regenerate or modify Pnrr”

“We risk losing everything. Those who propose it do not live in the real country”

“The regeneration or modification, even minimal, of the PNRR is now impossible, we would seriously risk losing all the 220 billion due to Italy, of which a third is non-repayable. Fratelli d’Italia tells us that the PNRR can be renegotiated and nothing will happen? It’s false. ” That’s when he said the mayor of Florence, Dario Nardellaspeaking in connection with the national holiday of the Aepi Confederation (European Associations of Professionals and Companies).

“What is not said is that for any type of change, even small – explained the mayor of Florence – the new government would face a very long procedure that would make us lose precious months, established by a regulation voted by all European states. . Once the government were to present the amendment (which would already waste 2-3 months) the European Commission has two months to decide and then passes the ball to the European Council which must decide unanimously from the 27 member countries. countries, which have already given Italy more money than all the others, be willing to give Italy also the possibility of an amendment? political change of priorities. I bring my experience as mayor: times are not an independent variable. We have already started planning the public works that we will have to contract out by the end of 2023, pen to the loss also of the advances. How do you stop this moving train and move it to another track? It’s impossible. Who proposes it does not live in the real country “.