Naspi, 2023 presumed income transmission obligation for beneficiaries

Note from INPS: it must also be communicated if it corresponds to 0 euros

NASpI (unemployment benefits) unemployment beneficiaries who had declared their presumed income from professional services in 2022 must do the same for 2023. This was communicated by INPS, recalling that the subjects affected by the obligation are about three hundred thousand in total: for those whose e-mail address it has, the Institute has sent a communication recalling the steps to be taken.

By accessing the INPS portal, and accrediting via SPID/CIE/CNS, the institute continues, the user will have to use the NASpI-COM model to make this communication. Please remember that the presumed income for the current year must be communicated even if it corresponds to 0 euro. In order to transmit the NASpI-COM it is necessary to type the word “Naspi” in the search bar of the site, selecting the “NASpI: monthly unemployment benefit” tab.