Natalie Portman divorces after 11 years

Marriage at the terminus for Natalie Portman And Benjamin Millepied. US Weekly has announced the end of the love story between the actress and the choreographer.

natalie portman, divorce

As reported by the magazine, in June some rumors had supported a short history of Benjamin Millepied with Camille Étiennenever confirmed by those directly involved.

After weeks of rumors, US Weekly announced the couple’s split. According to what was announced by an insider, Natalie Portman would still have tried to give a new chance to marriage: “Natalie believes that Benjamin’s story was a short relationship, meaningless and of no importance to him”.

The insider later added how the actress (PHOTO) would have tried to try to rebuild the marriage for the love of the two children: the eldest Aleph twelve years old and the youngest Amalia of six.

A second insider confirmed the first’s thesis that Natalie Portman wanted to get marriage back on its feet for the children. At the moment, the actress and the choreographer have not released any statements.

The couple met on the set of the film The black Swan which earned Natalie Portman an ai win Awards Oscars as Best Actress and a triumph at the golden globe in the category Best Actress in a Drama.