Natalità, Meloni: “Talking about family is a revolutionary act”

The premier next to Pope Francis at the states General: “Children and parents at the top of the government’s political agenda”. And he attacks surrogacy

“We live in an age where talk about birth, motherhood, family It’s getting harder, it looks like a revolutionary act“. Thus the premier Giorgia Meloni in her speech at the third edition of the States General of the Natality. The Prime Minister spoke from the Conciliazione Auditorium next to Pope Francis, to whom the audience gave a long and warm applause. “Thanks for this Invitation. For this beautiful and engaging initiative that is becoming a tradition, thank you beyond the usual words”, said Meloni, reiterating that “children and parents at the top of government policy agenda“.

“Since our first day, we have made the birth rate and the family an absolute priority of our action. We want Italy to have a future again, to hope and believe in a better future than this uncertain present. Children are the foundation stone for building any future“, underlined the Prime Minister, according to which “the work that this objective requires involves many areas. If women do not have the opportunity to fulfill their desire for motherhood without having to give up professional fulfilment, they will not have freedom. If young people do not have the opportunity to buy a house in which to aspire to raise their children, if wages are so low as to curb the momentum of starting a family, if all this and much more is not tackled with dedication, it will be impossible achieve the goal that we all set for ourselves”.

The birth rate “is our first and greatest challenge” and to face it we don’t need “a dirigiste approach” but a “subsidiary approach” by the State, whose task is to “create favorable conditions” to favor the birth rate. We need to “promote – added Meloni – a new vitality of our society. We don’t want an ethical state, we want a state that accompanies and does not direct. We want to believe in people, to bet on Italians and young people, on their hunger for a future”.

The prime minister continues: “We want to give back to the Italians a nation in which being a father is not out of fashion, in which mothers are a socially recognized value, a nation in which having children is a beautiful choice that does not prevent you from doing anything and gives you very, very much”. “For decades – he said – the dominant culture has told us otherwise, the time has come to reverse the trend. We want a nation where it’s not outrageous to say thatbeyond the legitimate personal choices, we were all born of a man and a womanthat motherhood is not for sale, that wombs are not rented, that children are not over-the-counter products that you can choose on the shelf like in the supermarket and maybe return if the product doesn’t match what you expected. We want to restart from respecting the dignity, uniqueness and sacredness of every human being”. “Freeing the best energies of people and of the national community is our choice to make Italy stronger. The family is fundamental in this design, because there is no more authentic energy than the one that the family releases”.

The Prime Minister illustrated the government measures to support the family and the birth rate, from the “increase of the single allowance” to the “strengthening of parental leave” via “the right to convert the variable rate of the mortgage into a fixed rate” and the news on the subject of work “such as the inclusion allowance”. “We want to keep the fringe benefit at 3,000 euros, giving priority to those with dependent children”, he said.