Natality, Possemato (Enterprise for Life): “Promote work-maternity conciliation”

“Prime Minister Meloni, in her speech at the end of the year and the beginning of 2024, dealt with very important topics, including that of being able to combine motherhood and work without choosing one or the other. The birth rate in Italy is at an all-time low There are therefore fewer and fewer women who decide to undertake a pregnancy, seeing motherhood as more of an obstacle than an opportunity. This decrease is only partly due to the spontaneous renunciation of having children by couples. The causes are to be found in the lack of services to support the family and, above all, in the absence of real possibilities of reconciling motherhood and work”. This was declared by Donatella Possemato, president of the ‘Impresa per la Vita’ association.

“It is necessary to protect – he warns – the world of health care services that revolve around health and prevention for women and maternity: the Birth Centres, which are disappearing and have the highest clinical risk, for which there are the lowest DRG, i.e. the compensation of the pre-established economic value for healthcare services for hospitalization and childbirth, which are different depending on the region in which one is born: it is unacceptable that the birth event is recognized as having a different value between the North, Center and South Promote a pink label for companies that support birth rates, providing a baby space in their offices and work organizations, in which to welcome children with the assistance of specialized personnel and for mothers to breastfeed their child”.

And he continues: “Restarting the birth rate is also and above all a cultural issue, so we need to start with the young people who will be future parents: offer them positive models of family and parenting, educate them on the healthy instinct for procreation, which is innate in men and women. Work on information channels for young people such as social media to convey to them a re-evaluation of the image of parents, children and the family. I will shortly communicate the establishment of a national Task Force with the aim of developing concrete proposals and make services and tools available to address this critical issue”.