Natasha Klauss, Sarita Elizondo in ‘Pasión de Gavilanes’, joins the trend of the ‘cut out’ dress after 45

Passion of Hawks It was undoubtedly one of the most watched telenovelas in all of Latin America. The first season of the Spanish-language American telenovela was produced by RTI Televisión for Telemundo and Caracol Televisión. Characters like Juan Reyes Guerrero or Jimena Elizondo were unforgettable.

So was the sister ‘Sarita’ Elizondo, played by the Colombian actress Natasha Klauss. The renowned 47-year-old artist is very active in networks. On her official Instagram account, she currently has 1.8 million followers. A few days ago she published an image of her where she is seen wearing a black ‘cut out’ dress.

“A woman’s fire never goes out, she only hides when she needs to regain strength to go out and come back with more vigor. Happy weekend #myloves. Thank you @gabrielcarvajalfoto for having the sensitivity to explore every facet of the woman that exists within one,” he said. Natasha in the post

Natasha Klauss in a ‘cut out’ dress. Source: Instagram @natashaklauss27

But it did not stop there since a few hours ago, the actress re-uploaded an image of that same photo session but paying attention to another detail. “A few days ago I published a similar photo from this same photo gallery that I took with my beloved @gabrielcarvajalfoto but this is very special because it has no retouching on the body and those mini chubby ones that can be seen on the side where my hand is set, I love you today!!!!” she expressed Klauss.

Natasha Klauss and her “fatties”. Source: Instagram @natashaklauss27

“Before, I would have scrubbed for them to be removed and no! (I know some will tell me… which ones? But I do see them, because our minds do that first, criticize us). Fatty big, small, medium, whatever… they are beautiful! Self-esteem begins and is sown in childhood, confronted in adolescence and worked day by day in adulthood! I think, until we leave this world” closed the message the protagonist of Gavilane’s Passions, leaving an important message of self-love at 47 years of age.