National Cybersecurity Agency, agreement with Accredia for cybersecurity

The agreement was created to manage the accreditations of conformity assessment bodies, which operate to guarantee cybersecurity for public and private subjects

Accredited certification is one of the main tools available to companies and institutions to ensure adequate IT security of digital products and services: the more organizations with accredited information security certification increase, the more the risk of exposure to cyber attacks decreases. Legislative Decree n.123 of 3 August 2022, which transposes Title III of EU Regulation n. 881/2019, has established that some types of certifications in the cybersecurity field may be issued by conformity assessment bodies accredited by Accredia, which will work together with the National Cybersecurity Agency in monitoring and supervising the activities of these bodies.

“Cybersecurity certifications are the means to increase the level of security of IT products and services available to citizens and businesses, within the Italian and European markets. Europe is preparing the first certification schemes for cloud services and 5G technologies and Italy must be ready for this appointment” commented Director Roberto Baldoni. “Today’s agreement implements the provisions of the European Cybesecurity ACT on the subject of accreditation of the network of national certification laboratories” concludes Director Baldoni on the sidelines of the signature, referring to the network of laboratories dedicated to products on the European market which adds to that of the “test laboratories” provided within the national cyber security perimeter. These two networks will form the backbone of the national certification and evaluation system.