National debut for the musical “Little Prince” at the Sistina

‘Bible’ aside, Antoine de Saint Exupery’s book is the most widely read and most translated in the world – The famous phrases: “All the great were once small, but few of them remember it” and “One only sees with the heart. The essential is invisible to the eyes”

‘Bible’ aside, it is the most read and most translated book in the world, certainly one of the stories for children but also for young people and adults – “all grown-ups were small once, but few of them remember it” is one of his phrases most famous – most loved: now, ‘The little Prince’the literary masterpiece of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry written eighty years ago, it is also a musical, which after its national debut at Sistina theater in Romewhere it will remain on stage until February 12, will go on tour in Bologna, Turin, Florence, Milan and Paris and next year in Berlin, Madrid, Lisbon, Amsterdam and Dublin.

The show sees two budding actors of just 7 years, the Roman, alternate Alexander Stefanelli and the bridge Gabriel Tontiin the role of the little prince, with David Paciolla ‘aviator’, Adele Tirante ‘pink’, Matteo Prosperi ‘king’ and ‘geographer’, Vittorio Catelli ‘lamplighter’, Ludovico Cinalli ‘fox’, Giulio Lanfranco ‘businessman’ and ‘drunkard’. All directed by director Stefano Genovese for a production signed by Razmataz Live. The show happily uses music and songs that have marked the history of Italian music – such as ‘To fly’ by Domenico Modugno, ‘Sky blue’ by Paolo Conte brought to success by Adriano Celentano, ‘The cure’ by Franco Battiato – and the international one. In addition to offering performances ranging from ballet to circus acrobatics, from scenographic to illusionistic effects, alternating between prose, mime, music and choreography.

“Truths are simple and become absolute precisely by virtue of their essentiality. The images help not to forget, to make real what, if it were only told, would not be believed: a very current thought – explains the director Stephen Genoese – Each scene does not stop at the eyes or ears or smell, those are only sensory doors to arrive at the final destination: the heart of every spectator” he underlines, faithful to another of the famous phrases of the ‘Little Prince’: ” It is seen only with the heart. What is essential is invisible to the eye”.

(Of Enzo Bonaiuto)