NATO, Stoltenberg: “EU will have to pay price for supporting Ukraine”

It is necessary to continue providing military assistance to Ukraine, but winter is approaching – it will be tough – and Europe will pay a price for its support in Kiev: NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said yesterday in an interview with the German television station ZDF. “We are seeing unprecedented support from the European allies of NATO, Germany, Canada, the United States and many other countries around the world,” said Stoltenberg, stressing, however, that providing military assistance to Kiev is not easy. “I’m not saying it’s easy. It requires hard work. I am committed to working with other Alliance leaders in Europe and North America to ensure continued support,” he added. The NATO chief then warned that “winter is coming and it will be tough. We will pay a price for our support for Ukraine because of the sanctions and, of course, the fact that Russia uses energy as a weapon – has explained -. But we must understand that there is no alternative to our support … We must also be clear: the price we would pay if we did not support Ukraine and Russia won would be much higher “(6 MONTHS OF WAR, LO SPECIAL OF SKY TG24 – WAR IN UKRAINE, UPDATES IN REAL TIME).