Navalny, daughter Dasha launches campaign for liberation

“My father is innocent and must be freed.” Navalny: “Any kind of opposition to Putin is important”

Two years after his return to Russia Alexei Navalny“to fight for a democratic, free and beautiful country”, his daughter Dasha launches the campaign for his release and to say no to war. “My father is innocent and he must be freed. This applies to all of us, the future of Russia and democracy in the world.”

Navalny argued the importance of continuing to confront the “unscrupulous scoundrels” who rule Russia. “I spent these two years in prison,” he wrote on Twitter. “Any opposition to this gang matters. I will not hand my country over to them and I believe that one day the darkness will fade. As long as there is, I will do everything possible, I will try to do what is right and I urge everyone not to give up hope.”