Navalny trial, today the sentence. The dissident: “I expect a Stalinist sentence”

The verdict for Alexey Navalny is expected today: he risks 20 years in prison. The Russian opponent in prison says he expects a “long” sentence, a “Stalinist” sentence, in the trial which sees him accused of “extremism”. “The formula to calculate it is simple: what the prosecutor asked for minus 10-15%. They asked for 20 years, they will give 18 or something like that”, writes the dissident on the web, behind bars for two and a half years .

Verdict expected for today

The Russian authorities, adding a further charge against the opponent, have branded both Navalny’s network of offices in Russia and the opponent’s Anti-Corruption Foundation as “extremist”, which in past years has given more than one headache to Navalny’s allies Putin: the trial that closes today is based on this accusation. “Think about why such an obviously huge sentence is needed. Its main purpose is to intimidate. You, not me,” writes Navalny, considered the Kremlin leader’s number one political rival. Navalny was arrested in January 2021, as soon as he set foot in Moscow from Berlin, where he had been treated for a poisoning that made him fear for his life and for which the main suspects are the Russian secret services. Navalny also denounces continuous abuses in prison and being repeatedly locked up in a narrow punishment cell under the most flimsy pretexts.