Nazzaro (author of the book ‘Nigerian Mafia’): “We need anti-trafficking squads in big cities”

The docufilm ‘Black Mafia’ aired on Friday on Rai3 is based on the investigative work of the writer and journalist

A cross-section of the Nigerian mafia, linked not only to the drug market but above all to trafficking in human beings and the exploitation of prostitution, through the key survey conducted by Anti-trafficking squad of the local police of Turin. From investigation book “Nigerian Mafia”, of the writer and journalist Sergio Nazzaro, was drawn ‘Black Mafia’, signed by the director Romano Montesarchio, the first documentary which aims to shed light on the phenomenon of the Nigerian mafia, on air Friday on Rai3 in prime time, for the series Crime Doc signed by Rai Documentaries and produced with Luce Cinecittà and Bronx Film. “The Turin anti-trafficking team is unique in Italy – observes Adnkronos Nazzaro – wanted by the intuition of Giancarlo Caselli who understood that the phenomenon could not be fought extemporaneously”. This is why, according to the journalist, the experience of the ‘Anti-trafficking squad should be extended “to local police forces in big cities” together with the establishment of a “observatory with analysts and scholars for the understanding of phenomena “.

“The theme of the mafia of African origin and specifically Nigerian, is a phenomenon that has always struck me and interested why it originates in Castelvolturno. Being from the area, I saw the phenomenon born and formed in the area and from here was born the desire to deepen it and study it through judicial material, the work of the police but also in the field “, says the writer, explaining how it was born. the book from which the docufilm has now been taken.

The victims of the Nigerian mafia they are their compatriots and, even more despicable, they are young women who are enslaved – explains Nazzaro – In addition the Nigerian mafia has the permission of the Italian mafias: there is no criminal or foreign force without, at least, the placet of organized crime “. What is most striking is the” trafficking of human beings and the enslavement of these women “, also through the figures of “‘madame’, theirs exploiters who manage these girls, buy and sell them – underlines the writer – And if today we know so much about the Nigerian mafia, it is above all for the courage of many of these girls“that they denounced.

From Nazzaro’s investigative work the portrait of a “powerful mafia that moves between ancient rites and.” voodoo and bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, telematic scams. A ancient and modern mafia at the same time able to exploit migratory routes for human trafficking. “A crime that now has distant roots if we think that the first investigation that concerns it dates back to 2000 even if only seven years later, in 2007, for the first time it came to a conviction for mafia in Turin. “Many realities have been created to help girls who are victims of trafficking – underlines Nazzaro – in the documentary we tell for example the experience of the Piam of Asti, very important for the recovery of the girls, and then there is ‘Casa Giusta’, in the province of Latina, where a confiscated property is managed by women who help trafficked girls, or the Nuova Speranza cooperative in Caserta “.

The docufilm which will be broadcast on Friday on Rai3 is “the first organic documentary never made on the Nigerian mafia – underlines the writer and journalist – I expect greater awareness on the issue of mafias and more attention on human trafficking: girls who are bought and sold as if they were meat for slaughter. It is no longer possible to turn around: they are defenseless victims and in addition to their exploiters the same clients, white, they are accomplices
of the most serious crime against the human being “. A new project could also be born from this docufilm:” We are working on the idea of ​​a TV series, always real and precise, to tell the work that the Turin anti-trafficking team does “. Meanwhile, Nazzaro already has another project on the subject in the pipeline, this time tackled from a different point of view. “Fort Alamo” on the Nigerian mafia and human trafficking is a report on the first investigation into the Nigerian mafia, dating back to 2000 and carried out by the police station of Castel Volturno: the new book, published by Città Nuova, will be released in March.