NBA 2K24, the review

New NBA year, this time with an exciting mode dedicated to Kobe Bryant

A new basketball game from 2K Games arrives with the autumn, but it must be said right away that NBA 2K24 is practically identical to the previous year’s game. Graphically, there are improvements, but that’s about it. The gameplay doesn’t offer anything new or particularly interesting that makes it unique; It feels like you’re playing the exact same game, just with an upgrade in content. The big advantage of NBA 2K24 is that it offers a more realistic experience when it comes to player models, which now resemble real players much more, at least for the majority of NBA professionals. The new ProPLAY feature, which allowed 2K to use real NBA footage and turn it into in-game animation, is certainly another nice touch from a technical perspective. As in the case of the showcase dedicated to Michael Jordan previously, this year a special mode has been dedicated in homage to the late Kobe Bryant, Mamba Moments.

MyTeam, the card-based mode, is still gripped by a certain amount of microtransaction bullying, but on the bright side, more ways to earn cards have been added through Career mode. The latter seems to be becoming increasingly based on a Free-to-Play system, despite the base game being full price. Everything in the game’s Career seems to rely heavily on NBA 2K24’s virtual currency, and given the paltry amount you can earn during matches, it’s virtually impossible to progress without spending real money. And on a gameplay level, one of the game’s worst flaws is that there’s no real sense of progression anymore, since anyone can simply buy themselves a higher level.

Ultimately, NBA 2K24 feels just like its predecessors, maintaining both the positives and negatives. On the one hand, it continues to impress with remarkable graphics and precise controls, but on the other, it is weighed down by complicated menus and an excessive number of advertisements and microtransactions. It proves to be a fun experience in arcade mode, but elsewhere it’s frustrating.

Format: PS5 (tested version), PS4, Xbox Series publisher: 2K Games Developer: Visual Concepts Vote: 6/10