Nba, first pick in San Antonio: Wembanyama to the Spurs

The Texans will choose the French phenomenon

For the third time in their history, the San Antonio Spurs win the NBA Draft Lottery and will have the first overall pick, which will most likely be Frenchman Victor Wembanyama. The Charlotte Hornets will choose with number 2, while the Portland Trail Blazers will follow with 3 and the Houston Rockets with 4. Disappointment for the Detroit Pistons who drop to number 5 despite having the worst record in the league. Orlando Magic, Indiana Pacers, Washington Wizards, Utah Jazz and Dalla Mavericks follow to complete the top ten. The Draft will take place on June 22 in New York.

The Spurs had a 14% chance of earning the first overall pick in the Draft and luckily wanted the Texans to win it. It was since 1997 that a first pick hadn’t passed through San Antonio: 26 years ago the Spurs chose Tim Duncan and thanks to him five NBA titles arrived on the bulletin board. At Spurs they dream big, but not only for this: yes, because this year winning the first overall pick in the Draft is synonymous with winning Wembanyama. “I nearly passed out,” Spurs owner Peter J. Holt confessed after the draw and then again: “Our future was already bright, now it’s going to be stellar.” Holt will thus have the privilege of choosing the first overall pick for the third time in the history of the franchise: his enthusiasm is more than justified, since both previous ones have turned out to be two Hall of Famer like David Robinson (1987) and precisely Tim Duncan.

The San Antonio Spurs’ enthusiasm was shared by the 19-year-old French talent. In fact, Wembanyama followed the Lottery ceremony with his family during a party organized for the occasion, despite the fact that it was almost two in the morning in Paris. “I’m really happy, I can’t wait to meet my new fans in San Antonio,” he said after the lottery. But Wembanyama, who in the evening had won the last match of the regular season with his team in front of VIP fans such as Kylian Mbappé and Omar Sy, didn’t limit himself to this and relaunched: “I’ll try to win the ring as soon as possible : be ready”. Late at night, after 4 in the morning, he then added: “Today was a good day.” His life is about to change, and with it the trajectory of the San Antonio Spurs.