Nba like tennis, Hawkeye arrives

From the 2023-2024 season

Hawk-Eye Innovations has signed a partnership with the NBA that will change from the next 2023-2024 season in the way actions will be tracked, followed and recorded: a technology that allows you to capture the position of the players and the movement of the ball at any moment in three dimensions. The league’s use of this equipment comes after other sports have already made these tools available to the refereeing class, such as in tennis or at the 2022 World Cup with the introduction of semi-automatic offside. A data collection that will replace what is made available by Second Spectrum, which has a precise definition of their position: with this new technology, referees will be able to have faster and more precise support for making decisions during the match, with the goal of increasing accuracy. Not only that: the detail of the statistics available to the technical staff will also increase, to study their own players and opponents. A further step forward, towards the future, by the most modern professional leagues in the world.