Neapolitan edition for Tennis & Friends: two days on the seafront from tomorrow

Back with a special edition in Naples Tennis & Friends – Health and Sport Official Charity Event of the Nitto Atp Finals, the social project supported by the Ministry of Health and which for over eleven years has supported and promoted prevention, spreading correct styles of life. Conceived by Giorgio Meneschincheri, surgeon, specialist in preventive medicine and lecturer at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, the project over the years has managed to perform 188,8730 free prevention screenings in the regions of Lazio, Piedmont and Campania. Furthermore, in 2023, the new project just launched will take shape: “Sustainability & Friends”.

The event that has already recorded record numbers in Turin and Rome will again be in Naples, on the dates of Saturday 22 and Sunday 23, with a “Special Edition” (preview of the next big edition scheduled for May 2023), at the Tennis Club Naples (Lungomare di via Caracciolo – Rotonda Diaz), in the beating heart of the first edition of the ATP Tennis Napoli Cup 250 By Banca di Credito Popolare.

The social relevance of the event is confirmed as always by the support of important institutional partners: European Commission, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Defense Staff, Guardia di Finanza, State Police, Sport and Salute SpA, Coni. Saturday 22 and Sunday 23, from 10 to 18, in the Health Village it will be possible to undergo free check-ups and visits, thanks to the health teams who will be involved not only in checks but also in information activities for the public. The primary objective of Tennis & Friends, in fact, is the dissemination of prevention and health promotion to safeguard the well-being of the citizen and at the same time reduce the costs of the National Health Service.

All this will be possible thanks to the Neapolitan health excellences that have always supported the project including: the hospital of national importance, Antonio Cardarelli who will carry out oncogenetic consultations and prenatal and post-natal genetic consultations, and the Santobono – Pausilipon, pediatric hospital that will carry out, during the first day, pneumological examinations, kidney ultrasound, prevention of kidney and urinary tract diseases, arterial hypertension, blood pressure measurement, and first aid maneuvers; on the second day, on the other hand, physiatric visits, postural assessments, audiological screening and ophthalmological screening. At the same time, the Tennis & Friends ambassadors will compete on the tennis courts in the usual “Tennis Celebrity” Tournament. The two days will be alternated by moments of debate related to the themes of prevention, with moments of in-depth analysis on the most current issues that aim to safeguard the health and prevention of the youngest.

“Also this year Tennis & Friends helps us to draw attention to the importance of prevention, the first weapon we have to defend our most precious asset: our health – says the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza – Adopt healthy habits and undergoing regular visits and screening exams is essential to avoid the onset of diseases, which is why we are at work every day, with targeted programs and communication campaigns to raise awareness among citizens. We are investing very carefully on this front, also to make up for the time that the pandemic has stolen from us. I therefore thank the organizers of this sporting event for their commitment, renewed every year, to spreading the culture of prevention ”. says the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza to date.

“Prevention remains the most effective weapon against cancer and remains the fundamental measure to limit a pathology that has numbers not to be underestimated – adds Meneschincheri-. To counter the oncological disease it is also necessary to carry out a genetic and molecular profanation that allows to obtain improvements in the quantity and quality of life. In the Health Village there will also be oncogenetic consultations and prenatal and postnatal genetic consultations, in addition to the prevention of the child’s health. The pandemic has blocked cancer screening and it is urgently necessary to make up for lost time. This year Tennis & Friends, a social project that, thanks to the support of institutions, sports federations and healthcare excellence, has reached record numbers, testifying to the population’s need to carry out specialist screenings “.

“During these eleven years, in fact, between the regions of Lazio, Piedmont and Campania we have managed to carry out 188,8730 free prevention screenings. We are thrilled to be back in Naples with this” Special Edition “which precedes the stage of three days scheduled for next May 2023. Our goal is to involve, as has already happened in the past, young people from primary and secondary schools in the area. The pandemic has shown us how important sport is for the latter who have affected not only by the long period of physical inactivity but also on a psycho-social level. “

“The return of Tennis & Friends to Naples is good news -declares Riccardo Villari, President of Tennis Club Napoli-. Health, sport, prevention and education for a healthy life inspired by the values ​​of sport., Are concepts that help to live well A tireless work, created to educate and guide citizens to prevent pathologies. Tennis & Friends represents an exceptional testimony of how this goal can be achieved, bringing together many positive aspects. And, above all, with the precious collaboration of Ambassadors who, with great generosity, lend themselves to be witnesses of this message, every year more and more numerous, helping Giorgio and Raffaella Meneschincheri, and their splendid team, to promote and spread the right messages, correct, which we all feel a great need. Tennis & Friends and Naples, therefore, together again, alongside our Tennis Napoli Cup, which this year has become an ATP 250 tournament on the major circuit of the Grande Tennis. “

“Sport and health go hand in hand and it is very important to promote physical activity and healthy behaviors among the very young, so we are happy to give our contribution to the Tennis & Friends project – says Rodolfo Conenna, general manager of the company Santobono-Pausilipon- National Relief Hospital. Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 October we will be present with dedicated clinics to carry out screening, visits, but also to provide correct information so that, from an early age, we understand the importance of prevention “.

“We are very happy to be present at the Tennis & Friends Health Village, on the occasion of the ATP tournament in Naples -said Antonio d’Amore, General Director of Cardarelli-. Hospitals play an important preventive role thanks to their very high level of specialization. In some cases, the best way to prevent disease is to act in light of the patient’s family and personal history. This practice takes on particular value in the oncology field. Cardarelli, thanks to its genetic and laboratory medicine, is able to assess specific risks and address particular prevention behaviors. I thank the Cardarelli staff who will be present at these prevention days and I thank Tennis & Friends for this wonderful partnership. ”

“I believe that Tennis & Friends – Health and Sport, project and event, of which I am honored to be the President, is unique in the world and soon to be exported internationally, as already requested by the European government institutions – declares Nicola Pietrangeli, president of Tennis & Friends-. A project that as a whole promotes the health of the population, with free specialist visits, combining the correct lifestyles, through sports practice since the very young, as this year also schools have been involved. I will never stop repeating that what has made Tennis & friends possible for over ten years is a unique event in the world. And, now feeling part of this totally free social project, I can only be proud to see that, year after year, the hospitals that believe in this event become more and more “.

Many Ambassadors invited to participate and take the field for prevention: the historical godmother of the event Veronica Maya, Nicola Pietrangeli, Paolo Bonolis, Jimmy Ghione, Albano Carrisi, Dolcenera ,, Gino Rivieccio, Fabio Cannavaro, Maria Mazza, Miriam Candurro, Federica Calemme, Claudia Ruffo, Chiara Stile, Peppino Di Capri, Marzia Roncacci, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Marina Suma, Massimiliano Ossini, Neri Marcorè, Sebastiano Somma, Edoardo Leo, Adriana Volpe, Max Biaggi, Serena Autieri, Vincent Candela, Ylenia Lazzarin, Sonia Bruganelli, Marco Maddaloni, Stefano Piccirillo, Patrizio Rispo, Pippo Pelo, Gigi and Ross, Patrizio Oliva, Massimiliano Rosolino, Paola Turci, Elisa Do Spina, Cristina Donadio, Ciro Ferrara, Erasmo Genzini and many others.