Negotiation process, Borsellino family: “Now concentrate on the nest of vipers…”

“So many precious years have been lost. Now, finally, there is room for historical truth”

(by Elvira Terranova) – “Now the time has come to focus on the ‘nest of vipers’ Paolo Borsellino spoke of… Many precious years have been lost. Now, finally, there is room for historical truth”. To tell Adnkronos is the lawyer Fabio Trizzino, lawyer for the family of judge Paolo Borsellino and husband of Lucia Borsellino, the eldest daughter of the judge killed in via D’Amelio, commenting on the sentence of the Court of Cassation which definitively acquitted the generals Mori, De Donno and Senator Marcello Dell’Utri. A month before his death Paolo Borsellino “appeared transfigured, with no more smiles. He was tried, weighed down, bent”, said the magistrate Massimo Russo, who collaborated with Borsellino. A few weeks ago the mafia had killed his friend Giovanni Falcone in the Capaci massacre, and he continued to work in his office as deputy prosecutor in Palermo, which he however considered “a nest of vipers”. Hence the phrase of the family lawyer.

“They have tried in many ways to explain the acceleration of the massacre in via D’Amelio, in order not to look elsewhere – says Trizzino – They have lost many years. The time has come to understand why they didn’t want to look at what Borsellino wanted to do and the terrible difficulties he encountered inside the Palermo prosecutor’s office. There is room for a historical truth and for the verification of any recent misdirections on the subject of Borsellino’s difficult period in that prosecutor’s office run by Pietro Giammanco”.

“In all these years we have always tried to explain the anomalous acceleration of the execution of the massacre in via D’Amelio by making flights of fancy, first by inserting Bruno Contrada on the site of the massacre, now by proposing in some way that Paolo Borsellino had known of this negotiation and that he had got in the way by hindering it and for this he died – Trizzino says again – They are all attempts, in some way, not to look at what he was doing and what he was dealing with and what was happening inside the Proucra “.

The lawyer therefore speaks of “the interest that Borsellino showed in the mafia and procurement dossier”, “so much so that the judge secretly met Mori and De Donno to give vent to that relationship”. “In the meantime there had been the famous archiving of the dossier of July 13, 1992, a few days before the Via D’Amelio massacre. The time has come to go and look at what happened there” and “if there were any even recent” to “manage to move the focus of attention away from the nest of vipers”. And he concludes: “Obviously someone worked on it …”.