Negramaro pay homage to Pino Daniele by performing as a surprise on the streets of Naples. VIDEO

A tribute to one of the greatest poets of Italian music. THE Negramaro they performed on the streets of Naples to the tune of Pine tree Daniel. The video of the performance was shared by the forum of the Salento group which in turn filmed it, publishing it on the Instagram profile.

negramaro, the video of the performance

A crowd of onlookers gathered around Negramaro, protagonists of a small improvised concert to pay homage to Pino Daniele, impossible not to be influenced by the magic of the moment. The voices of those present accompanied the group for a touching performance.

Santa Maria La Nova Square hosted the show which quickly went viral on social media. On June 15th the band, led by the voice of Giuliano Sangiorgi, will return to Naples for a concert at the Maradona stadium. On October 20, the group presented Negramaro Back Home – Now I Know How to Stay at the Rome Film Festival. The film, released in theaters on 6, 7 and 8 November, will retrace the twenty-year career of one of the most beloved groups on the music scene. The Negramaros wrote on Instagram: “There is no more beautiful story than the one shared with you over these 20 years.”

From the self-titled debut album in 2003 to the most recent Contact of 2020, in two decades of career Negramaro have conquered audiences and critics, among the most appreciated works While everything flows and Lwindowreleased in 2005 and two years later respectively.

As for the singles we find the catchphrases While everything flows, Summer, tell me about love, Marvelous, Six, Be careful And Until at dusk.