Negrita in concert: “Today I’ll make history, stay rebellious, don’t throw yourself away”

Simple, magical, pure rock’n’roll. After over two years of acoustic touring, i Negrita they dress up in rock and ignite their people, eager to jump and sing with the band from Arezzo. With them we go beyond the concept of a group, they are family. An extended family made up of thousands of people but they are still a family. Their concert at the Vox in Nonantola on Friday 13 October was confirmation of this: they told them that due to an accident a part of the audience was late and they moved the start of the live show by half an hour, to give opportunity for everyone to sing together from the first song, We are still here. On stage, still rolling towards the South, there they are Paolo “Pau” Bruni, Enrico “Drigo” Salvi And Cesare “Mac” Petricich; the team is completed by Giacomo Rossetti (bass, backing vocals), Guglielmo Ridolfo Gagliano (keyboard), Cristiano Dalla Pellegrina (drums). And then there is the one who, with his big heart, plays the most important game behind the scenes: Gino Vertaglio he is the soul of this extended family. Few times in my life have I met such a humanly generous person.

The first time i Negrita they tasted the stage of the Vox of Nonantola was 1994, the year in which their first eponymous album was released. We are close to the thirtieth anniversary, therefore, and, as Cesare Mac told me at dinner, after their live show, “something will happen”. But in the meantime let’s enjoy these rock’n’roll evenings, these two abundant hours of an anthology of music: “I hope you still have the flame inside”, shouts Pau and the unequivocal answer arrives with a rave-like kick of legs. The setlist is a journey into the musical, social and human culture of our country spanning three decades. After the initial (very successful) exorcism of We are still herethey arrive Dolls (the verse is prophetic “while ideologies become extinct”) And The book in one hand and the bomb in the othera song included in that masterpiece album that it is HellDorado. What a thrill to listen to again, it hasn’t happened to me in a long time, I amwhich is part of their second album Paradise for deluded people from 1995. Energy floats in the air and envelops the Vox like a second skin. We proceed with Negative And We will never look back in “a night that seems made for us who will never look back”. They play easy in the art of artistic seduction with the songs they have in their repertoire, from The game to What is the noise of happiness, from I will burn for You until Rolling South and Radio Conga. Emotion for what is one of the most beautiful songs of this third millennium: it’s called They won’t come back anymore and it is dedicated to a person who is not there and in fact at the end Pau points to the sky with his arms; also worth watching the video, or rather the short film, because that is it. They arrive, among others, for I learned to Dreaming, My Way, Mama Maè and, last but not least, Infinite joy. The ending reserves a surprise called Hey Negrita!, the song that closes their first album. Can I, can we just say…hey Negrita thanks!!!