Nek, the accident during the lockdown period: “A moment of distraction”

More than a year has passed since the serious accident that heavily damaged Nek’s hand: he is the one who tells how it happened.

It was November of 2020, during a lockdown phase, when the beloved Nekborn Filippo Neviani, injured his left hand by cutting himself with a circular saw while he was repairing an old cart.

Nek, the accident during the lockdown: “A moment of distraction” (Credits: Instagram)

An episode that forced him to ben 11 hours of intervention and which has strongly affected the functionality of the limb, serious damage for anyone and even more so for a musician. Although about a year and a half has passed, the singer has not yet fully recovered the use of the hand.

He told it in an episode of What’s the weather like in January of this year: “My hand is now at 80% of its functionality”. Aware that he will probably no longer be able to regain the ability of his right hand, Nek has admitted that he tries hard to get used to it even if, obviously, it is not at all easy. Precisely on what happened to him, the artist wrote a book entitled With bare handswhich he presented in transmission by Fabio Fazio.

Nek and the accident that changed his life: what happened

Guest long ago a very true, explained that it all happened in “a moment of distraction”. “All the fingers were damaged but, in particular, the ring finger almost jumped off and the middle finger halfway”, she revealed in Silvia Toffanin’s living room.

To the Rest of the CarlinoNek had confessed that he could no longer play the guitar, an instrument that has always accompanied him, but that he could at least do it with drums, bass and piano.

Moments of true fear in which fortunately he kept calm to drive his car and reach the Sassuolo Emergency Department: “If I had stayed longer than I had to in my house in the countryside, waiting for help, in the worst case I would have died bled to death, at best I would have fainted, ”he said.

As he had also explained to the Courierthe lockdown had perhaps damaged him more than one might think: “A hyperactive like me in a cage goes crazy”.

Nek accident
Credits: Rai Play

A bad experience that we wish our Nek to be able to forget as soon as possible.