Nespresso ‘From grain to grain’, collaboration with Banco Alimentare Piemonte

Nespresso has announced the start of the new collaboration with Banco Alimentare del Piemonteas part of the project for the recovery and recycling of exhausted capsules “From Chicco to Chicco“. A fulcrum initiative and a new tangible example of the company’s positive impact on territories and people, and which is part of the program “Nespresso for Italy”, A series of initiatives to support the environmental, social and cultural heritage that makes our country special.

Born in 2011 thanks to an agreement with CIAL (National Consortium of Aluminum Packaging), Utilitalia and CIC (Italian Composting Consortium), “Da Chicco a Chicco” allows customers to return their exhausted aluminum capsules in the appropriate recycling area present at the inside the Nespresso Boutiques, and in the new Turin house, as well as in ecological islands that are partners of the initiative throughout Italy. In Piedmont there are 6 collection points available, and over 150 in Italy in over 80 cities.

Once collected by the management companies of the separate collection service, the spent capsules are processed and recovered: the aluminum is destined for foundries to start the recycling process that will transform it into new objects, while the exhausted coffee is sent to a composting plant for its transformation into compost, which is subsequently sold to a paddy field in the province of Novara . The rice produced thanks to this natural fertilizer is then repurchased by Nespresso and finally donated to Banco Alimentare della Lombardia, Banco Alimentare del Lazio and, from this year, to Banco Alimentare del Piemonte, to become an aid for those who have more. need.

An initiative that has so far made it possible to donate over 4,000 quintals of rice equivalent to over 4 million dishes and which, thanks to the involvement of Banco Alimentare del Piemonte, will make it possible to support over 2,000 charitable structures and more than 400,000 people every year. More and more successful results, those recorded over the years by “From Chicco to Chicco”: in 2021, the project made it possible to recover over 1,500 tons of exhausted aluminum capsules, of which 112 in Piedmont (+ 20% compared to 2020), where last year 5 tons of aluminum and 67 tons of exhausted coffee were put back into circulation, which was then transformed into compost. A good result in the Region also confirmed by the results achieved in the first half of 2022, with the first 70 tons of exhausted aluminum capsules collected.

The start of the collaboration with Banco Alimentare del Piemonte comes on the occasion ofinauguration of the new Nespresso home in Italy, in Turinan exclusive space dedicated to new experiences related to coffee for customers for which Nespresso has chosen the city of Turin as an exceptional location.

A place designed to inspire, engage and excite, between coffee stories, educational moments, tastings and a new Roastery area where to follow the roasting of the coffee in real time. The new space, with over 140sqm of sales area and 3 different environments, was born in Via Roma as a renewal of the previous Boutique, and with the aim of putting coffee culture at the center in the world, at the same time offering its customers a area dedicated to the recycling and recovery of aluminum capsules and to the “From Chicco to Chicco” circular economy project which allows the transformation of a coffee bean into a grain of rice.

“We are very proud to have started the collaboration with Banco Alimentare del Piemonte, a further step in our commitment to give back a second life to exhausted capsules through the” From Chicco to Chicco “project and to take care of our country, its territory and of its people. We started more than ten years ago “From Chicco to Chicco” with the aim of transforming exhausted capsules into a resource for the environment and for society, a goal that we have been pursuing over the years and that we want to continue to pursue to allow to the project to grow more and more and to bring more and more value to the country “he declares Silvia Totaro, Sustainability & SHE Manager of Nespresso Italiana.

«Become part of the“ From Chicco to Chicco ”project – he says Salvatore Collarino, President of the Piedmont Food Bank – has a profound value for us from many points of view. Because it allows us to donate an extremely precious product, such as rice, which is not taken for granted for us to recover from the production chain; because rice is an inclusive element of the culinary tradition and embraces many different cultures, starting with ours, the Piedmontese one, for which rice fields have always been a precious asset, both economic and environmental. Because it connects the world of solidarity with that of the company, creating a synergy that becomes care and enrichment for the territory and for the people who live there, and this is precisely the meaning of our partnership with Nespresso: to help create value, for the community and for the environment. In fact, the project will make it possible to support 563 charitable structures with 100,000 local rice dishes ».