Nespresso, the first boutique with educational Roastery in Turin

Discover the finest coffees in the world through tastings and experiences and participate in special masterclasses: all this is the Educational roastery, the first in Italy, presented in the renovated Nespresso boutique in the central Via Roma in Turin. A pioneer of high quality portioned coffee, Nespresso reaffirms the importance of its physical sales channel in Italy by choosing the Savoyard city as an exceptional location for the first boutique dedicated to new experiences related to coffee and its culturein the name of sustainability: the project, which focuses on the educational Roastery, was born as a fulcrum and tangible example of a positive impact on territories and people, thanks to the launch, on this occasion, of the partnership with Banco Alimentare del Piemonte , which after Lombardy and Lazio enters the Nespresso “From Chicco to Chicco” project.

The new space, with over 140 square meters of sales area and 3 different environments in which to experience experiences, tastings and educational moments about coffee, was born in Via Roma as a renewal of the previous Boutique, and with the aim of putting coffee culture at the center. in the world in an even more engaging way, offering its customers increasingly immersive spacesas well as an area dedicated to the recycling and recovery of aluminum capsules and the circular economy project that allows you to transform a coffee bean into a grain of rice.

“For us, this is a new exceptional home that gives us the opportunity to bring people into the Nespresso universe in an even more engaging way, creating awareness of the culture of coffee and our sustainable approach – he comments. Mario Valla, Commercial and Retail Director of Nespresso Italiana – We have had a very strong bond with the city of Turin since the 2000s, with the opening of one of the first boutiques, and today we want to reconfirm our presence with a different and unique format in Italy. We strongly believe in the relevance of retail and its fundamental role in our omni-channel strategy. This new space brings us even closer to people, involving them through methods of education and information on coffee and transmitting our passion for providing extraordinary coffees grown using sustainable methods “.

The new Nespresso home in Turin is designed to inspire, engage and excite, between coffee stories, educational moments, tastings and a new Roastery area. A place of inspiration and celebration of the experiences, stories and diversities that make one of the most popular drinks in the world great: from the aromatic profiles and the different roasting methods that characterize and give uniqueness to the individual coffees, to the different extraction processes for prepare and enjoy a cup: in the Roastery area it will in fact be possible to follow the roasting of the coffee in real time, from the green one cultivated by farmers from which Nespresso supplies itself up to the final result, when the beans take on the warm shades of coffee light, medium and dark.

With an in-depth study on the different methods of extraction and preparation of coffee – from the more traditional and common ones like the espresso machine, the mocha and the filter coffee machine to the more unusual ones like the syphon, the French press or the Nitro coffee machine, up to the recipes of coffee with ice. Finally, through the Masterclasses and a calendar of appointments month by month, designed for both the less experienced and the most passionate, customers and customers will be able to explore the new Nespresso ranges and the secrets that lie behind the art of tasting a coffee.

Nespresso has integrated a design that fully recalls into the new Boutique concept the sustainable approach of the brand. Spaces that want to transport customers into the Nespresso world right from the moment they enter the Boutique, where the two tasting points welcome customers to discover Nespresso coffees, from the latest news in the range to the selection of the day. From the corners designed to offer customers lounge areas inspired by coffee, to the choice of furnishings, selected to minimize the overall environmental impact thanks to the use of countertops made with recycled coffee grounds and FSC certified wood, to the green areas that they reproduce the atmosphere of the plantations through the use of Arabica coffee plants, up to the Window to Farm, the trompe-l’oeil window to admire glimpses of the territories from which Nespresso coffees come, and to the displays that allow you to discover the stories that are hidden behind Nespresso coffees.

There is also great space for the commitment to recover and recycle exhausted capsules: in the new Boutique, in fact, customers will find the Recycling Unit, an area dedicated to the recycling of exhausted capsules that are returned to the Boutique, where through a display and based on the weight reached, it will be possible to see which objects can be transformed into – one bicycle, a pen, a small knife – giving them a second life through a virtuous circular economy process. A space designed to focus on customers and customers and where exclusive services are dedicated to them, such as the personalization of accessories with names and phrases and the creative printing of your own milk cream, for coffees and recipes to be tasted.

Services are also available that allow you to be even closer to customers and integrate online and offline, in full omni-channel approach: with the Pick Up service it is possible, in fact, to collect orders placed online in the Boutique without queues or waits, while with Same Day it is possible to receive your order directly at home in 3 hours, in Turin city through fully electric vehicles.

With the inauguration of the Boutique in via Roma in Turin, Nespresso confirms its goal of enhancing and enhancing the network of over 70 stores in Italy, and which sees the company engaged in the renewal and repositioning of another 6 Boutique spaces on the Italian territory in the 2022, with an approach that is increasingly close to and attention to the environment and society.