Netanyahu: “Hamas will not survive in Gaza, continue with the military operation until the end”

The Prime Minister: “We want the complete demilitarization of the Strip. Security only with final victory”

“Hamas will not survive in Gaza.” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirms his hard line and dismisses the hypothesis of a ceasefire agreement in Gaza in the press conference after the meeting in the last few hours with the US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken. “Only the final victory – he says – will allow us to bring security to the north and south of Israel”, he says, also referring to the country’s borders with Lebanon.

“There is no alternative to the military destruction of Hamas” according to Netanyahu. “If we surrender to the conditions of Hamas – he warns – we could arrive at another massacre”. So “Israel will continue military operations in Gazathe day after the war there will be no more Hamas.”

“We want the complete demilitarization of Gaza, we will continue to operate in Gaza for as long as necessary, so that terrorists never raise their heads again“, he insists and promises a “crushing victory”.

“We are on the road to a complete victory. Victory is within reach“, he assures, predicting that it will be a “matter of months” not years.

The objectives of the war, he reiterates, are “to destroy Hamas, bring the hostages home and ensure that Hamas is no longer a threat to Israel. Then Netanyahu praises the “unprecedented” results obtained by the army in Gaza, announcing that, after Khan Yunis, the IDF is ready to fight in Rafah too: “We will continue until the end, there is no other solution other than a complete victory” and it will be “a victory for the whole free world.”

The hostages are a priority, the prime minister assures and the greater military pressure will increase the possibility of their release.

“The circle of peace will widen” at the end of the conflict with Hamas, Netanyahu then states, after Saudi Arabia has ruled out the establishment of diplomatic relations with Israel “without the recognition of a Palestinian state”. A “firm position” that was communicated to the United States, according to what was announced by the Riyadh Foreign Ministry after the visit of the American Secretary of State Antony Blinken who met Mohammed bin Salman on Monday.