Netflix, advertising could also arrive in video games

The streaming giant is reportedly mulling possibilities to profit from its selection of video games, including extra fees or in-game ads

Netflix has announced its intention to invest in the video game industry for many years to come, after launching a selection of exytra free downloadable titles on its subscribers’ smartphones starting in 2021. However, the company is currently trying to figure out how to profit from it, potentially marking a turning point in its strategy. Executives at the streaming giant have held discussions in recent months about how to generate revenue from games, according to people familiar with the negotiations, according to a Wall Street Journal report. Currently, Netflix games are free for all subscribers, in line with its strategy to keep users loyal to the streaming service when their favorite series are between seasons and to attract new fans. Some of the ideas discussed include in-app purchases, an extra cost for more sophisticated games the company is developing, or giving subscribers to its new ad-supported option access to games with ads. Such moves would mark a turning point for Netflix, which has so far avoided placing ads or in-app purchases in its games.