Netflix, crackdown on shared passwords pays off: users on the rise

In the last quarter +8.76 million compared to approximately 6 expected, exceeding 247 million in total

Netflix’s crackdown on account and password sharing that began last May is bearing fruit. According to what was communicated by the streaming platform, the number of subscribers increased more than expected: in the last quarter they grew by 8.76 million units compared to just under 6 million expected, exceeding the 247 million total. Now, Netflix says, some more expensive subscription variants are being studied in the United States, France and Great Britain.

According to calculations made by the platform, around 100 million people had access to another user’s password. By cracking down on this behavior, Netflix was banking on the fact that affected users would prefer to pay instead of canceling the service.

Netflix’s revenues, the company announced yesterday, increased by 8% year-on-year to $8.54 billion. Profits grew by about a fifth to about $1.68 billion.