Netflix reveals the Italian line up, from Vasco to The Leopard with 4 new projects

Two new films announced, ‘Children’s Train’ and ‘The Tear Maker’, and two new series, ‘My Family Story’ and ‘Adoration’

From Vasco to the Leopardto get to four brand new ads. The offer and ambition for the markets is growing Italian stories of Netflix. The streaming platform presented today in Rome, in the See What’s Next event, in the presence of numerous talents involved in front and behind the camera, all the Italian productions that will arrive in the near future and announced four new projects.

Two will be films: ‘The Children’s Train’ directed by Cristina Comencini based on Viola Ardone’s bestseller, it will be an epic and poignant film, a journey through poverty, but also the generosity of post-war Italy, seen through the eyes of a child divided between two mothers; ‘The Maker of Tears’, directed by Alessandro Genovesi, is inspired by the novel of the same name by Erin Doom, one of the most important literary cases of recent times, the best-selling book in Italy in 2022.

Two will instead be series: ‘History of my family’ directed by Claudio Cupellini tells the story of Fausto and his last day. A story made of joy, passion, love for children, and a brazen lack of fear of the future. But above all the story of an unlikely family, of a ramshackle and much-loved clan on which Fausto imposes unexpected responsibilities. While ‘Adoration’ directed by Stefano Mordini is a young adult series loosely based on the novel of the same name by Alice Urciuolo which tells the story of a group of teenage girls and boys during the summer that will change their lives forever.

With the new features announced today, Netflix’s Italian offering in the near future ranges between series, films, docuseries and unscripted programs (Nuova Scena – Rhythm + Flow Italia), including welcome returns (Everything asks for salvation 2; The law of Lidia Poët 2 ) and reboot (Suburræterna); mixes genres, formats and languages, taking inspiration from real characters and real lives, from extremely popular IPs and urgent topics; explores a variety of narrative arenas with the aim of bringing the best offer of Italian content to Netflix’s Italian and international audience: from the sincere and non-stereotypical story of young and very young people to the female point of view with complex, irreverent and unconventional heroines ( Brigands; Deception; Sara); from the contemporary and innovative rereading of the family tale (La Vita che Volevi) to the revisiting of the historical novel that transcends time and tells the present (The Leopard); from irregular characters whose lives marked by excess and transgression appear as a very strong tool for interpreting the themes of the present (Supersex; Vasco: Il Survivsuto) to great love stories (New Olympus).

“We continue to invest in Italy and Italian stories with conviction, consolidating our long-term commitment to the country and its creative community” says Tinny Andreatta, Vice President of Italian Content at Netflix. “The stories that, together with our production partners and the many talents involved, we are preparing for our Italian and international audience have three common denominators: they are authentic stories, capable of speaking in the present about the present and of emotionally questioning the public on the most close to the life he lives. They are courageous stories because they touch on controversial and provocative topics, challenging taboos, prejudices and conventions; they are unique stories, which, put together, make up a rich mosaic that is aimed at different audiences and the different needs of finding entertainment, curiosity, provocation”.