Netflix: the adult-themed miniseries that is causing a sensation in Europe and is among the most viewed in the world

Without a doubt, Netflix stands out as one of the main streaming platforms, offering you the freedom to select content that perfectly suits your preferences. Its extensive catalog not only includes a wide variety of series and movies to choose from. what to see, but is also designed to satisfy a diverse audience. That is why today we propose a realistic miniseries “Motherhood activated“.

“Activated Motherhood” is a miniseries of Danish origin which was released in 2022 and has quickly become one of the most chosen when searching what to see. The romantic comedy and drama series stars Simon Sears, Josephine Park and Olivia Joof who play Mathias, Nana and Simone respectively. In addition to this, the series available in Netflix It also stars Charlotte Munck as Helle, Mikael Birkkjær as Niels-Anders, Emil Prenter as Søren/Flot Fys, and Tammi Øst as Lise Lacour.

The plot of “Motherhood activated” focuses on Nana, a doctor specializing in fertility, who listens daily to her patients’ stories about the status of their pregnancies or their plans to become mothers. Despite not having children of her own, she constantly invents stories about her experience as a fictional mother and the supposed challenges she faces with these imaginary children. Her goal is for her patients to feel more relaxed and connected to her. However, her carelessness will lead to these fictional stories taking an unexpected turn, and Nana will find herself in the position of becoming a real mother.

In “Motherhood activated“, one night the protagonist of the series available on Netflix She goes out drinking with one of her friends and ends up getting completely drunk. In that state, she has the idea of ​​inseminating herself with the sperm of her ex-boyfriend, whom she has not yet managed to forget. Now pregnant, Ella Nana faces the challenge of weaving an even more intricate web of stories and lies to hide her unexpected motherhood, especially from her ex, to whom she still doesn’t know how to explain her new condition.

The platform of Netflix offers the following synopsis of the film: “After inseminating herself with her ex-boyfriend’s sperm while she was drunk, a fertility specialist searches for how to explain her pregnancy… and win back her lost love.” Without a doubt “Motherhood activated” is an excellent option when choosing what to see on the streaming platform.

Source: Twitter