NETFLIX: the fascinating psychological thriller that is sweeping the platform and is the movie of the moment

Within the extensive Netflix catalog it is very normal to get lost among so many options and many times when we are searching what to see We end up wasting more time selecting and we lose the opportunity to see more extensive quality content. So that you don’t waste time, we bring you an excellent recommendation: Confinement.

Directed by Rowan Joffe, “Encierro” in a very short time has become a trend within the catalog of Netflix. The film was released on November 1 and marks the return of Famke Janssen to a leading role, remembered for her role as Jean Grey/Phoenix in the “X-Men” saga. In less than a week this has been one of the productions most chosen by viewers when searching what to see.

The synopsis what to see in Netflix of “Confinement” reads: A kind nurse tries to unravel the causes of a patient’s injuries in a coma and discovers the rivalry, deception and horror that lie behind them.

Confinement” is a psychological thriller full of intrigue and tension; The script includes love, deception, plot and an unsolved crime in the midst of English high society trying to hide its darkest miseries. Tired of always seeing the same thing on Netflix? This movie will surprise you.

This excellent option what to see in Netflix It stands out for leaving the classic content that we can usually find in the streaming platform’s catalog. “Confinement” already has the approval of the public, which has placed it among the most viewed films on the platform in just a few days.

Source: IMDB